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Love this Coachella inspired look! The bikini and sheer top look so pretty together!

Coachella Inspired Look!

Who didn’t get to go to Coachella but is seriously wishing they could? Me Me Me!! I’ve been spying all the Coachella looks on Instagram, search #coachellaoutfits to check them out yourself. So I decided to put together a Coachella Inspired Look! There are a few essentials to create the Coachella look. Swimwear, Sheer, Fringe, Distressed […] Read more…

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Maui Must Haves

It is a little less than 3 weeks before we head off to our trip to Maui with just my honey and I so I thought what more of a perfect time to put together a little Maui Must Haves! Technically this could be your summer go to guide or vacation to somewhere hot must […] Read more…

finding your health, fitness and happiness sweet spot

Health, Fitness & Happiness

I have been really really challenging myself to workout and eat right. We have a trip to Maui coming up and I want to be bikini ready. But I also really want to feel good. To have the energy to live life, keep up with the kids, not be tired and live long.  It’s a […] Read more…

Fighting Wrinkles Before They Come! That is my motto when it comes to my skin care routine

Skin Care Routine

I am so happy and excited to share today’s blog post about my skin care routine and how much taking care of your skin means to me! I’ve grown up with a mom that always encouraged me to take care of your skin. Her motto which was my grandmothers motto and is now mine is […] Read more…

Loving this pretty in pink look that is perfect for summer!

Pretty In Pink Tank Top

I am really happy it is finally getting warmer and the bright colours are beginning to pop up in clothes, shoes and accessories… I just got a bright vibrant blue fringe necklace that I am excited to style and share with you! BUT I’m getting off track what today’s post is all about which is […] Read more…

Loving this burgundy dress and biker blazer so much!

Biker Blazer & Burgundy Dress

Hey lovelies!! Thank you so much for joining me today and for supporting my blog! I truly appreciate every comment, every share, every time you read it. Being a blogger is a labour of love so I really feel so grateful for you so much! Today I am sharing my Biker Blazer that I got […] Read more…


What I have learned from a truly amazing man.

Life is too short It can end it an instant It should be filled with laughter and fun Never take yourself to seriously  Family always comes first  Loyalty is important  Never take anything for granted  Relationships is what really matters in life  Making memories is where it is at Create family traditions  Celebrate  Play games […] Read more…

Absolutely adore this vibrant cobalt blue dress paired with these over the knee boots

Cobalt Blue Dress & OTK Boots

Morning Lovelies!! Who is so excited for spring to finally be here? I really feel like it is here to stay… dare I even say that… and the warm weather is creeping in! Yay!! To put you in even more of a spring mood I am sharing one of my favourite vibrant dresses with these super cute […] Read more…

give yourself permission to relax and enjoy life.

Put Yourself First

I’ve been working really hard this last week and I realized that my health and workout routine was slacking. I was quick to blame it on the fact that we were going on vacation right away so I was busy getting everything ready for our trip. But then it dawned on me… it really is no […] Read more…

Absolutely love a denim dress for the spring and summer! Such a great add to your closet!

Denim Dress For Spring!

Are you beyond excited for Spring? I know I cannot wait to get out of my winter jackets, boots and sweaters and cannot wait to get into some spring clothes like this Denim Dress From Elle’s Closet Boutique! Denim is going to be a big trend again this spring and summer, you going to keep seeing […] Read more…

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