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Banff Alberta - Caribou Lodge, where to eat, where to shop and what to do

Banff Caribou Lodge – Our Family Tradition

Family traditions are so important which I am sure you know. I am definitely guilty of being a workaholic and being very driven which sometimes makes me fall flat on my family work life balance. Which is why I think creating family traditions like our Banff Caribou Lodge trip is so important. This trip is […] Read more…

Such a great family experience to have a tea party at the Fairmont Palliser Calgary

Fairmont Palliser Calgary

Every year we do a family vacation to Banff for a week and always on the way we stop in Calgary for a couple of nights before we continue on. It’s part of our family Christmas tradition and something that I am really excited to be able to share with you. I’m sharing my @Fairmont_PAL […] Read more…

The A Beautiful Inspiration Collection arrived with super cute inspirational sweaters and tees

The A Beautiful Inspiration Collection

Did you  know that A Beautiful Inspiration launched a clothing line called the ABI Collection! I really want to share with you the collection but also the journey to creating it. Its been really amazing, really challenging and rewarding. It started when I lost my job recently and had to figure out what I was going […] Read more…

Get your blog organized by using the Content Planner to schedule your blog posts

Prepping for the new year!

  There is a lot of hustle for the holidays but if we want to Prep for the new year we need to start thinking about that now so come Jan 1 we are ready with our game plan. So I thought I would share how I am goal planning, blog planning and life organizing. […] Read more…

Who gives a $%&^ What others think - a post all about living your life happy and healthy and leaving the negativity behind

Who Gives A $%&$ What Others Think…

This week I have had some high school reminders about negative people and their energy and I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts on this topic because I know I am not the only one who experiences people like this in their lives. Do you remember the saying “Sticks […] Read more…

Beat the winter blues by having fun with your style.

Beat The Winter Blues With Style

I think with how crazy busy I have been lately, the launch of my own clothing line and the cold cold winter weather I feel like I slightly lost myself. Lost in overwhelm, stress and anxiety mixed together with the winter blues of being cold all the time, bundled up to the max and life on repeat… […] Read more…

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