Put Yourself First

give yourself permission to relax and enjoy life.

I’ve been working really hard this last week and I realized that my health and workout routine was slacking. I was quick to blame it on the fact that we were going on vacation right away so I was busy getting everything ready for our trip. But then it dawned on me… it really is no different than any other week. I am always busy, always putting pressure on myself. I know it is part of my perfectionist nature to be the best at everything I do but I have a feeling that is becoming a fault. 

I put work above a lot. To the point that I sometimes wonder that if I am inviting so much stress into my life I might be inviting potential health concerns. 

It’s time to make some changes. And not super strict changes but just making time to run on the treadmill or do yoga. Which I actually like I just never seem to make the time or when I do I cancel on myself in favour of work.

It’s time to take time for myself. To give myself permission to step back from work and breathe. To enjoy my coffee rather than work through it. To relax at night and watch my shows without thinking about what needs to get done still. 

I hope you read this post and think about your own life. Do you put everything before yourself? If you could make time for yourself what would you choose to do?

XO Jen

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