Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival 2018

Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

If you have never been to the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival then you are definitely not going to want to miss it! It might be one of my favourite festivals to attend and really enjoy a great date night or an outing with the girls. This year I feel so grateful that I was able to work with the festival to help share our experience at the festival through an Instagram Takeover of the @rockywinefood instagram account. The Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival is such a great way to find your new favourite wines and try food from local restaurants.

I found my favourite wine delivery service Virtual Vino who I was so excited to actually met them in person. If you want to read about my experience with Virtual Vino previously you can check out this post here. Virtual Vino delivers a case of 6 wines to your home and you can decide if you want to do a mix or all the same. I’m obsessed with it! While at their booth I got to meet Liz who I basically know via Instagram so it was so exciting to meet her in person. Liz introduced me to my new favourite white Bodega Garzon Reserva Albarino.

My new favourite white wine from the festival Virtual Vino Vlogger Liz was so much fun to meet

For Red Wine I definitely hands down had to pick this fun wine which was really delicious (my top red pick for sure!) and it also had the best label I have ever seen. It’s called the Walking Dead Blood Red Blend and if you use the Living Wine Labels App you get to see the wine label come to life with a zombie breaking through the label and then smashing your phone screen if you bring the phone too close to the label.

This Wine Walking Dead was so fun! The label comes to life and a zombie climbs out of it!

Tasting the wine are always my favourite because you do get to find new favourites you wouldn’t normally try and then having the chance to try food that you haven’t experienced before is also a big perk. One of my favourites was the Tuna Tataki from Izakaya Dorinku, a restaurant that I have never tried before that is located on Whyte avenue and specializes in Japanese street food. This will definitely be where we are going for sushi next and I am really looking forward to it!

Loved this Tuna from Izakaya Dorinku

We also popped over to Lamarca Prosecco which had such delicious prosecco and the most fun photo booth. My husband says we saw the sparkle and he knew that is exactly where we were headed. The actually made the prosecco with cider and it was so delicious. You can check out our GIF below from the Lamarca Prosecco photo booth.

There really is so much to see and do at the festival and I am only sharing just a snippet of the night. I highly recommend you have fun and go to the festival if you can tonight or at the next one. Below is a clip of my Instagram stories so you can experience a little more than what I shared here but really get a feel for the night and all there is to try.

I hope you get to make it!


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