The goal this week? Stop Procrastinating!

Stop Procrastinating! Think about how great it will feel to have all you To Dos tackled?I have been so worn out and tired lately, maybe because I am crazy work 1 job, own my own event planning business and stay at home full time with my kids. It is completely realistic that I am exhausted, hence my goal to revamp how I live this year. So this week my goal is to stop procrastinating! Stop saying tomorrow and focus on getting things done. I feel so good when I tackle and complete a project so why am I putting that off? The more I wait and procrastinate  I actually get more stressed out and tired. So let’s reverse those affects and really take care of what I need to do. Like working on a sunday. Would it be nice to lounge on the couch and watch some shows? sure! But at the end of the day do I want to feel accomplished or lazy? I know if i veg when I really wanted to achieve I will feel lazy and guilty at the end of the day. SOOOO Here is my push and the beginning of my weekly goal.

Time to tack and stop procrastinating!


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