Summer Solstice Tent Party

Summer Solstice Tent Party - June 21

Who is excited for the Summer Solstice Tent Party this summer!! If you haven’t heard about it I am going to give you all the details!! You are definitely going to want to get your tickets because it is going to be AMAZING!! Plus we are going to be there with A Beautiful Inspiration and so looking forward to being around wonderful women, being inspired and empowered! I hope you will join us! Tickets are limited so make sure to get yours ASAP!

Summer Solstice Tent Party - June 21


On June 21 we celebrate Summer Solstice which is the return of the light and the day with the most light available in the year. It is with that light, that awareness, we can see into ourselves and know ourselves better. The light represents our own light and consciousness.

This (female only) event is designed to empower you. Come with an open heart and leave judgements aside. Two spiritual healers will be co-hosting the event to energize you and leave you feeling blessed to be a part of the evening.

Summer Solstice Tent Party - June 21

6:00: Power of the Sun Market & Mingle have a braid done by Elixir Hair Studio Stylists, get a mini makeup done by Kassie Harvie, try on a new lipstick from Perfect Pouts – SeneGence and Shop inside Liv with Prairie Couture, A Beautiful Inspiration, Boho West, and Kaespo Design Market will be open 6:00-7:45 pm.

7:00: California MoonRise Fashion Show & Olivia Rose Music LiveĀ where you will have a chance to WIN a piece from their new Spring-Summer 2018 Collection!

Summer Solstice Tent Party - June 21

8:00-9:30 Spiritual Healers Amber Kupina & Susanne Venaas

Solstice Circle Format under the Tent

In a sacred space, Amber & Susanne will lead you through a ceremony with:

  • a meditation for self-healing
  • gentle movement
  • a fire release to let go of what is no longer serving you
  • self-empowerment exercise
  • sacred smudge
  • celebration of connected sisterhood

Ticket includes a swag bag, Power of the Sun Market & Mingle, Fashion Show & Solstice Circle and one drink ticket.

Summer Solstice Tent Party - June 21

About the Healers:

Susanne Venaas is an Energy Healer who works with universal energy, the elements and her intuition. She works to guide and navigate you through your own healing whether physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination of all of the above. Her approach involves hands-off healing and dialogue to help you shift and change the energy within you to facilitate your own change. Always a teacher, she likely will send you home with homework after a session and uses a very down to earth and no nonsense approach to energy healing sessions.

Amber Kupina is Healer practicing in the world of Shamanism. Working with the spirit world and consciousness to heal any issue you may be experiencing. Whether you perceive that to be mental, emotional or physical. We work to heal the non-physical root cause of your issue. Using energy medicine to heal energetic affinities and themes or journeying into your consciousness to heal the sub-consciousness blueprints creating these experiences.


Summer Solstice Tent Party - June 21


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