Style Challenge Day 9 – Swish Your Skirt

How beautiful is this sheer skirt! It looks great paired with the chambray shirt knotted

Everyday we live within the walls we have built for ourselves. We may be comfortable, we may actually love the safety that they bring us. What if you wanted to push those walls? Get a little more space? What if you wanted to make those walls disappear?

Would you do it?

Removing walls doesn’t happen over night. It takes work, a lot of work, you have to remove each brick individually. And you can just toss them and let them land where they land. You have to place them somewhere that doesn’t create another wall for yourself. You have to plan, maybe use them to create a sitting area for you to relax and enjoy your newly unobstructed view.

Sometimes some bricks are heavier than others, take a little more work to remove that the rest. Don’t let that deter you… Ask for help when needed and cherish those that help you along the way. Create the walls that give you happiness, remove the walls that limit. Brick by brick you will create the space you desire to be in.


Are You Joining Our Style Challenge?Each day we style an outfit based on the calendar below and share it on Instagram. There are so AMAZING SPONSORS for this challenge so you have the chance to win some great prizes!


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Style Challenge May

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