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how to wear a bordeaux wrap

How To Wear A Bordeaux Wrap

Can I just start today’s post by telling you how much I LOVE my Bordeaux Wrap from Blair’s Jewelry & Gifts! Seriously it is so versatile!! I have been wearing it pretty consistantly at home and plan on bringing it with me to Phoenix when we go because it really is going to be perfect […] Read more…

how to wear a poncho and dress! Such a great way to extend your summer wardrobe!

How To Wear A Poncho & Dress!

Yay!! I accidentally fell upon this look and it turns out it is one of my favourites! Everything in this outfit post is right out of my closet and has been there for at least a year. This makes me even happier because it just shows you that you can really create so many looks […] Read more…


Pink Leather Jacket

It’s Friday!! I am so excited to share today’s look with this pink leather jacket!! Sorry guys it’s been in my closet for a while so you can’t get this exact one but I did link some gorgeous ones that are similar. I will say that I saw it and loved it but being the […] Read more…