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how to wear a bordeaux wrap

How To Wear A Bordeaux Wrap

Can I just start today’s post by telling you how much I LOVE my Bordeaux Wrap from Blair’s Jewelry & Gifts! Seriously it is so versatile!! I have been wearing it pretty consistantly at home and plan on bringing it with me to Phoenix when we go because it really is going to be perfect […] Read more…


Be Genuine & Authentic… You Are Enough

As a fashion blogger I find it a little hard to fully express myself… to find my “voice” as the blogger community likes to call it. I always want to be my genuine & authentic self and feel confident that I am enough… Does that make sense or does it sound a little confusing? It’s probably a little […] Read more…

lace maxi dress feature

Lace Maxi Dress

You know that special outfit that you just feel amazing in? This lace maxi dress totally does that for me. It of course helps when the dress is gorgeous. This weekend find your special outfit that you feel on top of the world in… go on a date night, a girls night for drinks or […] Read more…