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love the fur vest and the distressed jeans! looks so great!

Glam & Casual Fur Vest Style

Have you tried the fur vest trend? I would venture to say it is more than a trend, it’s something that will always be there, maybe not as prominent as it is right now but a fur will always come back in style. So it is definitely something you should consider getting into your closet. […] Read more…

Gotta love a gorgeous fur vest! They are so warm, cozy and stylish! Love this one from KIXS

Casual Fur Vest Style

I am seriously obsessed with this fur vest style from, last week I shared how to style it all glam which is perfect for holiday get togethers, date nights and girls nights. Today I am sharing how to style it more casually so you can wear it everyday… It’s all about the casual fur […] Read more…


Glam Fur Vest Style

A fur vest has a way of making you feel so glamorous, combine that with a chiffon top, leather leggings, fabulous booties and jewels and you feel on top of the world! This whole look makes me feel beyond put together and amazing… It’s just one of those outfits that will always do that for […] Read more…