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how gorgeous is this custom necklace!!

When Health Throws You A Curve Ball

So lately I’ve had some Heath issues, a weird one called Trigeminal Neuralgia which essentially is the nerve in the side of my face electrocuting one side of my face randomly through out the day. At it’s worst the pain would drop me to the ground, curled into a ball and crying uncontrollably. Thankfully I […] Read more…

finding your health, fitness and happiness sweet spot

Health, Fitness & Happiness

I have been really really challenging myself to workout and eat right. We have a trip to Maui coming up and I want to be bikini ready. But I also really want to feel good. To have the energy to live life, keep up with the kids, not be tired and live long.  It’s a […] Read more…

Great tips on how to deal with overwhelm and succeed

Dealing with Overwhelm

With everyone trying to do it all, be the perfect wife and mother, the successful entrepreneur, climb the corporate ladder, have the gorgeous house, the family trips   And on and on it’s easy to fall into the trap of being overwhelmed.  I’ve done it and constantly have to remind myself that it’s ok. There is […] Read more…