Take the time for fitness

Make fitness a priority in your life and your body and mind will reward you

I’m not a huge fitness buff… I would honestly love to sit on my couch with a cup of coffee and relax… Or get right to work and not have that stressing me out. But there are fitness goals I want to achieve, their are physical looks I know I am capable of if I work for it and there is my well being, mindset and healthy lifestyle that I need, want and crave. So you have to make time to workout. No matter what your workout is. You could love cardio (I don’t) you could love yoga, intense spin class. Whatever it is you need to schedule time to make it happen. And never ever make yourself feel bad for not being productive. I drives me crazy to think that if I take the kids to school come home and work out and then shower that a good portion of my morning is gone… Doesn’t that sound like a waste?? It feels like it work wise… But is it really? I’m more productive, feel better, I set my day up for way more happiness and a healthy mind. 

So today I am saying give yourself a break. Realize the value of fitness and take time for it. The results physically, mentally and your insides will thank you!!

To help inspire your fitness routine I am sharing some of my favourite workout wear… Look good feel good right? My theory is if I have an awesome workout outfit that should be additional motivation right? Well maybe that is my mind making an excuse to shop but it works for me.

Workout Clothing From Left To Right or Click Each Image To Shop It
1. Under Armour Sweater (I have it in pink and LOVE it! super comfy)
2. Under Armour Leg Warmers – I am a super fan of Leg Warmers, super cute and so cozy warm!
3. Under Armour Bomber Jacket
4. Strappy Back Lululemon Yoga Top
5. Lululemon Grey Vest
6. Lululemon Fitted Jacket
7. Strappy Back Sports Bra
8. Pink Yoga Pants
9. Incredibly comfortable looking Lululemon Studio Pant
10. Crew Neck Lululemon Shirt
Love this under armour sweater! I have it in pink and its so comfortable LOVE leg warmers!! Love this under armour bomber jacket! super cool stay back combined with a yoga top are perfect for working out adore a sports vest like this! perfect for everyday and workout clothing love this yoga jacket and how it fits who doesn't love a strappy back sports bra love bright pink yoga pants!! Any bright colour I love! these yoga pants look so comfortable! Love this lululemon long sleeve crew shirt!

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2 Comments on Take the time for fitness

  1. Debbie Savage
    October 17, 2016 at 3:39 pm (2 years ago)

    I love your selections of workout gear! You got great taste! I sometimes feel the same way when I have overscheduled myself that I don’t have time to exercise but I know from past experience it is exactly what I need to set my intentions right! xoxo

    • inspiration
      October 18, 2016 at 1:57 pm (2 years ago)

      It’s just so hard to make it happen sometimes but does it ever feel amazing when you do make it work. It’s so good for our mental health as well as physical 🙂


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