Inspired Wednesday – The DIY Mommy

the DIY Mommy is todays inspired wednesday pick!

If you love DIY and you love to watch someone really inspiring then you will love todays Inspired Wednesday Pick! The DIY Mommy really is amazing to follow. She is always coming up with great projects for her home, gifts and activities with the kids and providing great tutorials so you can create it at home. To show you how fabulous she is I thought I would share some of my favourite tutorials.

Mini Fairy Garden is the perfect gift for mothers day!

Adorable Mini Fairy Garden Tutorial! What I love most is the handmade swing set!

DIY leather Diaper Bag OR a pretty fabulous handbag!

How fantastic is this DIY Leather Diaper Bag which she also made a matching diaper clutch. I think it would make a pretty wonderful handbag.

the most genius way to make green smoothies easy and ready whenever you have a craving

This is the most genius way to make Healthy Smoothies easy and ready whenever you have a craving them.

DIY Cowhide Rug Tutorial

A cowhide rug can be pretty expensive so I love how she created a Faux Cowhide Rug for Under $50!

Such a wonderful looking wreath and those fabric roses are gorgeous!

Such a wonderful looking DIY Spring Wreath and those fabric roses are gorgeous! She even has a tutorial on how to make them!

the most gorgeous DIY Fabric roses tutorial!

Here’s the tutorial for the DIY Fabric Cabbage Roses & Peonies, she made these for her sisters wedding. So much detail went into them but look how stunning they are! You can’t buy this kind of gorgeousness!

If you don’t agree with me already that The DIY Mommy is pretty fabulous then check her out and see for yourself!


Have an Inspired Wednesday!


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