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March 6, 2018

Hey Beauties!! Who is obsessed with cold shoulders? They are so my favourite thing ever! They are cute for the winter because in the sweater version they keep you warm while giving you a touch of sass. This summer my cold shoulder sweater is going to look super cute paired with some distressed denim jeans. So today I am sharing a whole bunch of my favourite cold shoulder sweaters!!

so in love with the cold shoulder white sweater! such a great winter white look

The Fabulous White Cold Shoulder Sweaters!   

March 2, 2018

Hey Mom Bosses! The kids have had teachers convention today and yesterday but that still doesn’t take my excitement away from the fact that it is Friday! Hubby is coming home and I plan on snuggling on the couch with him and watching a movie tonight!

love this mom boss life sweater and the mustard cardigan

March 1, 2018

Hey Babes! Welcome to March! That means spring is getting just so much closer!! Yay!! I love today’s look because this velvet blazer is my absolute favourite and was such a good price! The exact one I am wearing is sold out but there is one that is super similar and then a bunch I am going to share that are in different colours! Totally check them out because they are awesome!

Love this blush velvet blazer so much! Plus it's so affordable!

February 21, 2018

Good morning friends! I have 2 OOTD’s for you today which is exciting! The first is my workout gear from this morning and the second is what I have decided to wear for today! If you saw my Instagram stories today you would know that I have been feeling stuck in a style rut lately because it has been so so cold and all I’ve wanted to wear was leggings and sweaters. The ABI sweaters so it’s not that bad lol. But i wanted to start having fun with my clothes again today and feeling good so yesterday and today were really the beginning of some fun ootd’s to come!

Love this beach house swim workout clothing! Fits great and looks beautiful on

Workout Clothing OOTD:

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Love this off the shoulder top paired with the pink and burgundy booties

Actual OOTD for today:

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February 20, 2018

Almost forgot to post this, sometimes the day just flies by!! I only got these OTK boots this year and I love them! They are so comfortable and dress up every casual outfit! I cannot recommend them enough and mine were and still are on sale!! Yay!

Love OTK boots so much! They dress up every casual outfit so easily, look great and these ones are so comfortable

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February 17, 2018

I feel like this is the first Saturday in a while that I have been able to relax with the family. We decided to head to Delux Burger Bar for lunch which was AMAZING! I decided that lately I have been stuck in my style so opted for booties and to dress up casual cute… if that is a word. Either way I loved today’s look and am excited to share it with you!

love this striped top and waffle cardigan paired together! love this striped top and waffle cardigan paired together!

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February 8, 2018

This sweater dress that I picked up on my last trip to Banff from House Of Angelica is super cute and I love it styled with Over The Knee Boots! Definitely a bit of a glam feeling! I’m also thinking that pairing it with some distressed denim and the OTK boots would be so cute for a bit more of a casual look.

love this sweater dress paired with the over the knee boots


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February 6, 2018

Hey babes! I am definitely feeling a little like I need a day today to just be kind to myself so I did my hair all nice and curly, I got dressed to work from home in my crazy reno house (keep in mind I can barely get to my closet) and put on my You Are Beautiful Tunic from the A Beautiful Inspiration Collection. It’s my reminder to be kind, love myself and be strong.

I’ve paired it with a new cardigan I picked up from Sweet Jolie, a local boutique that also embodies the Love Yourself Movement so that makes me feel really great that I am supporting such a wonderful boutique and owner. Lastly I picked outlay favourite distressed denim jeans. They are high waisted, the distress is so much but yet so awesome and I love how they fit every time I put them on. They are older so I shared the same brand but 2 different styles, both are under $50.

Hope you have a wonderful day and know you are Beautiful!

absolutely love this you are beautiful tunic paired with the waffle buttercup cardigan

January 18, 2018

Hey Babes! I seriously am so in love with this look! It is incredibly comfortable but also super versatile! The skirt is actually a dress that I have had forever and just added this cozy and flows top I picked up from the Pink Society Boutique (Ps you can use this 20% discount code to get yours –  PSJEN20!) It is fabulous! Has thumbholes for the sleeves and is made of the softest material. It’s my go to for being cozy, casual and lounging. I did decide to try something different and wear it dressed up here and I think it turned out pretty awesome! You never know until you try right!

Love this pink society boutique flows top paired with this grey dress and pops of colours!!

January 12, 2018

Hey Inspired Beauties!! I am super excited to share today’s look because it features a skirt from a local boutique House Of Koopslie. But this skirt isn’t just any ordinary skirt! It is actually a poncho that converts to a skirt, a tube top maxi dress, a tank top and of course the pinch! There are so many ways to wear it and it’s pretty fabulous! I’ve paired it with our Love Is The New Black tee which is a great tee that goes with everything, some burgundy booties and the classic jean jacket. Super cute style that work year round!

house of koopslie poncho as a skirt paired with the cute Love is the New Black Tee!

January 6, 2018

I’m feeling extremely blessed lately. I have a wonderful husband that I love, healthy happy kids that may or may not drive me crazy on the regular, the opportunity to start a business and some really wonderful friends. That’s what the #blesssed sweater is all about. Taking the time to appreciate that. I hope today you take the time to count your blessings!

#blessed sweater from the A Beautiful Inspiration Collection

January 5, 2018

It’s Friday my Inspired Beauties!! I am so looking forward to relaxing a  little bit mixed with ABI collection design, maybe throw in a glass of wine! This is the perfect way to start the weekend with this look! The leather gives it a bit of edge while being insanely comfortable! Paired with long tunic and cardigan I am so set! What is your favourite winter weekend style?

Love wearing my glam leather leggings with cozy casual items. Look good, feel good and cozy!

December 31, 2017

Last day of the year so let’s end it with a sparkle! This is the super cute sequins skirt I wore to my cousins wedding last night. It was so beautiful! The bride was gorgeous, my cousin was smiling and so happy and I got to see my whole Calgary family who I miss so much. Plus the venue!! Wow!
I paired this skirt with a green top I got a while back that has an open back. Steady heels and to play of the sequin skirt I added a sparkly statement necklace.

Love how this sequin skirt was styled!
Sequin Skirt from Blondie Boutique – use my discount code JEN20 to get 20% off! Ps there is so many great sweaters there too!!
Green Blouse (old) – similar, similar
Strapped heels (old) – similar, similar
Sparkly Statement Necklace (old) – similar, similar
Pink Kate Spade Wristlet

December 30, 2017

Hey Inspired Beauties!! Today’s outfit is casual, cute and so so comfortable! This top is from The Pink Society Boutique and. Just absolute love it! It comes with thumb holes, it’s is flowy, and super comfy! I’ve been kinda living in it since I got it. Is that bad for a fashion blogger lol.

Pink Society private label

December 22, 2017

Hey Inspired beauties! Sorry for the lack of ootd  updates but being on vacation with the family paired with my computer crashing makes it hard! But I wanted to share this bikini top from Beach House Swim it comes with a cute mesh coverup that I didn’t show here but the link does, but this bikini which doubles as a workout top is the best! The neckline I have always avoided being a smaller bust size but I love it! It’s totally flattering, supportive and gives me a bust which I didn’t think it would. Plus the back is gorgeous! Also check out their leggings and long sleeve shirts! I love how versatile this line is
Beach house swim bikini

December 16, 2017

Happy Weekend Inspired Beauties!! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday so far! To we are celebrating with the family on a little family trip in Calgary and then onto Banff this weekend and finally I am getting a chance to relax a bit which I am super thankful for. This week we had a the kids Christmas Concert so I wore this outfit to their concert. This top I picked up from Picadilly Canada and I really love it because you can pair it with the cute Piccadilly jacket I have shown here or the a cute leather jacket to give it a bit more edge.

this jacket from Picadilly Canada jacket is the perfect jacket to wear as a light jacket or a cardigan on a cool day

December 3, 2017

Hey Inspired Beauties!  Its my birthday today and I am takinga little note from a friend of mine who rocks her look because she feels like it, because it makes her feel good and because she wants to. My plans today are to do nothing today than take my kiddo to dance, snuggle may sick little guy and take a few photos. So I am rocking this fancy little look because I want to, because it makes me feel special and well, why not!

lace top and velvet blush skirt for the win!

November 29, 2017

Hey Inspired Beauties!! Today’s OOTD might be one that I wear very regularly! This sweater is so me it isn’t even funny! Unless I’m in my PJs there is a good chance I am holding a latte and rocking some colour of lipstick! Today I tried my new Lip Transformer Palette from e.l.f cosmetics and I love the colour and the staying power of this lipstick!! It might as well be a stain because it is amazing!! If you avhent’ heard of e.l.f cosmetics you need to! They are so so affordable but you would  never know it based on their quality! I’ve linked my exact palette which has four shades and a shimmer. These are great stocking stuffers!!

Lipstick & Lattes Sweater with my elf cosmetics lip gloss! It is so amazing!!

November 27, 2017
Happy Monday!! I am so excited to start this week! It’s a new week with new goals and a new positive attitude. I’m starting the week of by sharing such a fabulous lady on our Inspired Business Beauties who has a giveaway for you! I’m also celebrating because I have been searching for a velvet blazer like this forever and I just found it at such a great price!!

FYI This blazer is on sale for 60% off making it $20.80 Canadian!! PS it’s way cuter than their picture!

blush velvet blazer that I am obsessed with!

November 24, 2017
Hey babes! Today on the blog I am talking about beating the winter blues with style because if your like me the beginning of winter kind of puts me into a style coma… only wearing warm cozy clothes and being completely exhausted… or maybe life helps with that too. But I have this super cute jacket from Picadilly and I paired it with a Picadilly top and those distressed denim jeans from the other day and there you have a super cute look that I think beats the blues, helps you feel glam even if it is all for you! I’ve linked everything below for you but feel free to see more at toady’s post here.

this jacket from Picadilly Canada jacket is the perfect jacket to wear as a light jacket or a cardigan on a cool day

November 23, 2017
Hey babes! Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Decided to rock our Thankful Sweater since today is all about being thankful. I’ve paired it with my favourite distressed denim jeans from Elle’s Closet Boutique (they are articles of society), our ABI #grateful clutch and my older burgundy booties. I’ve linked everything below for you!

Love my Thankful Sweater from our ABI Collection! It looks so perfect with these distressed denim jeans and burgundy booties!

Thankful Sweater from our ABI Collection, Distressed Denim Jeans from Elle’s Closet Boutique, #Grateful zipper pouch from our ABI Collection and my burgundy booties from Call It Spring. These booties are older so here are some similar options – These ones are on sale for $20!! , Super cute suede ones with leather strappy detailing for under $40.
If the Thankful Sweater is out of your size in our store please check out are retailers
Elle’s Closet Boutique, Frock Box & Karma’s Boutique


I seriously love sharing my style and making it easy for you to recreate them but I do find that it’s hard to share using some of the apps because they don’t allow me to share all the items I am wearing exactly so I have created this page so that I can link everything for you. I shop lots of local boutiques and I think it is so important to support them. Their boutique is their dream and they are a person rather than a large business. Hope you like my new format of sharing my OOTD’s!

striped tunic, fur vest and flat soles

Loving this purple striped tunic with the ruffle sleeves from Prairie Couture! It’s the perfect length to knot the side, wear it with leggings and it has pockets!! Girls gotta love that!
I paired it with my favourite Rag & Bone jeans, I will warn you they are pricey but I wear them all the time and have had them for 3 years. They are totally worth the investment. I’ve also added this crazy comfortable faux fur vest and my new flat runners, these runners have also been my favourite lately!!

Purple Striped Tunic from Prairie Couture (use JENKINAL4PC to get 10% off) , Identical Faux Fur Vest, Rag & Bone Denim (they are pricey but worth it. I’ve had these for 3 years and still wear them all the time!), Roxy Slip On Sneakers

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