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There is nothing like a vacation to bring to completely exhaust you and make you want to go back but it also gives you such a zest for life because there is so much to enjoy and make happen. I am having a bit of the vacation hangover blues because I wish I was still on vacation but it also makes me really want to grow my business and blog so that in the future I will be able to travel more and live life to it’s fullest! So to really get you into the building your blogging business I wanted to share with you my top podcasts for entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners. These podcasts are sure to inspire you and have you dreaming big for all your travelling destinations! Or maybe travelling is just me!

Top 5 Podcast For The Bloggers that will inspire your business and life!

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  1. The Influencer Podcast:
    This is a podcast that I have been in LOVE with lately because every week on Wednesday Julie Solomon the creator of The Influencer Podcast talks with influential bloggers, business owners and industry elite. They share their tips to growing your influence, marketing your business and also inside tips from brands. One of my favourite podcasts she did was one with just her speaking about How to Get Paid for Being Yourself and Land Free Publicity for Your Business. I have listened to all of the Influencer Podcasts and look forward to them coming out every week! This is one I HIGHLY recommend listening to!
    Top 5 Podcast For The Entrepreneur - The Influencer Podcast With Julie Solomon
  2. Becoming Fearless – Style Collective Podcast
    I am a Style Collective member, which if you have’t heard is an amazing network of blogger babes who want to support and inspire each other which is such a refreshing network to be part of. I love how we all work together to bring up the blogging business, ask questions and have a destination to really learn from each other. Annie Spano has put so much love into this community building it up and has recently ventured into the podcast world with her Becoming Fearless Podcast which is all about being your true self and being fearless in your pursuit of your goals and dreams!
    Top 5 Podcast For The Entrepreneur - Becoming Fearless Style Collective Podcast
  3. Beauty and the Blog: Erika Vieira
    This is more geared towards youtube but I still think it is such a great podcast to listen to even if you don’t want to do youtube. Erika brings on great guests from bloggers to brands and on subjects such a s beauty, to fashion, to fitness and so on. They do discuss some youtube specifics such as thumbnails, page views, creating content and so on but no matter what platform you choose to play on these topics are all relatable.
    Top 5 Podcast For The Entrepreneur - Beauty & The Blog By Erika Vieira
  4. The Ryan Holtz Show
    Here is a totally different podcast for you but one that is super inspirational. Ryan Holtz is from the automotive industry but he talks on so many subjects to fashion, marketing, automotive, following your dreams and creating the life you love. If you follow Ryan on Instagram you see his full personality shining through every photo. He is full of smiles, how family, enjoying life and building your empire on your terms.  Every podcast is different but always keeps you entertained and wanting more.
    Top 5 Podcast For The Entrepreneur - Ryan Holtz Podcast
  5. The Goal Digger Podcast
    I’ve only recently found this podcast but am absolutely loving it! There are 75 episodes so there is plenty to catch up on which I always find great because I binge listen while I work. Jenna Kutcher is a girl boss on a mission to help you grow your business by bringing you experts including herself for you to listen. I love her saying “Dig in, do the work and tackle your biggest goals along the way. Thanks Jenna for creating such an awesome podcast for us to listen to!
    Top 5 Podcast For The Entrepreneur - The Goal Digger Podcast

Perfect way to start your Monday! Be inspired with these 5 Top Podcasts!

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2 Comments on Bold Bloggers – Top 5 Podcasts For Bloggers

  1. Julie
    August 22, 2017 at 2:29 am (2 years ago)

    Thanks for including me in your roundup! So honored!

    • inspiration
      September 19, 2017 at 1:52 am (2 years ago)

      You are very inspiring so you needed to be there 100%


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