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Virtual Vino Wine Delivery in Canada

It’s Friday!! Who is so excited for the weekend and to enjoy a glass of wine with friends? I am so so excited to share the new company that I have found called Virtual Vino!! I have seen for the past year the US having wine delivery to your door and have seriously searched for a Canadian version to find nothing… UNTIL NOW!! I really cannot convey how excited I am to have discovered Virtual Vino!

So let me tell you all about Virtual Vino! When you visit their website you can pick if you want to get a mixed 6 pack or all the same. What I love about this service is by picking a mix you get to try 6 different wines that you would not normally pick.

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Virtual Vino Wine Delivery in Canada

Next you are going to pick the type of wine you want… I LOVE Pinot Grigio so of course I picked a pack called the Grigio You Needio. Right now they have a pack called Pinot Gris vs. Pinot Grigio which I have my eye on right now. A couple other ones I am thinking I want to try are…

Virtual Vino Wine Delivery in Canada

You can choose to have the package delivered to a close liquor store off their list of selected stores or you can have it delivered to your home for a delivery fee. I of course wanted to the whole experience so I could share with you so it was delivered to my home. Funny thing is when it is delivered it comes through Canada Post so my mail man is carrying up this box of wine that is fully labelled Virtual Vino. He walked up and said “I’ve got a case of the good stuff for you!” I totally laughed.

Virtual Vino Wine Delivery in Canada

The packaging is also super cute! It has so many fun sayings on it and the wine, I haven’t finished them all yet but the ones I have tried have been so good! Another great feature is that when you are selecting your pack that it says the average price per bottle.

I love that Canada has a service like Virtual Vino because it really gives you the opportunity to try new wines you would never normally pick and a perfect excuse to have friends over. So if your a wine lover and loving this idea as much as I do make sure to pop over to Virtual Vino! Pick your case and use my code JEN10 to get $10 OFF!

Virtual Vino Wine Delivery in Canada

Cheers my friends! Enjoy your vino!

xo Jen

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