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Welcome to my first Wednesday Picks! I really really love supporting awesome businesses and love sharing great finds so I thought this would be a perfect way to share some of my favourite businesses. Ones with fabulous products, ones that inspire or are just really cool!

Wholly Handmade - Edmonton Handmade Artisans Craft ShowMy first share is going to be the new trade show launching locally called Wholly Handmade by Kingsley Events. This is a business owner with heart who really loves supporting local talent and giving them a place to share their products and services. Kingsley Events has 3 local trade shows she does year round and the most recent one is called Wholly Handmade which will be happening on Saturday March 14, 2015 from 10am- 5pm at Strathcona County Community Center in Sherwood Park.

What makes this show so special out of her other shows is it only showcases crafters and artisans and their handmade creations. This is a great chance to support the local community but also get to see and find something truly unique! To show you some of the fabulous vendors that are gong to be in attendance at this show I thought I would pick a few.

lorraine-shulba-edmonton-artistLorraine Shulba – Artist and Illustrator

super cute mermaid leggings

Lil’Brockli Boutique
I couldn’t resist this share! These leggings are ADORABLE! I want them for my little one!

cutest kids clothing ever!

Crowns and Coroknit
Another absolutely adorable kids clothing.

handmade doorbells - i've never seen anything like this. so coolModish Metal Art
I hav enever seen such cool doorbells! I absolutely had to share since they are so unique. Take a look at their page because they can add colours and custom create. So very cool.

the decor vault - great place to find repurposed vintage furniture and designs

The Decor Vault
A great place to find unique creations using repurposed vintage furniture and items.

These are just a few of vendors! There will be plenty more!
Hope you get a chance to have a visit!


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